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Performance On Demand


“Devise an improvement plan and commit yourself to it. Persevere.”

– Dr. Bob Rotella

Training Opportunities

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Maryland State Classes

Sinistrum Training provides expert instruction for Maryland Wear and Carry permits, Wear and Carry permit renewals, and Maryland Handgun Qualification Licenses (HQL). Join us to renew or obtain your permits and elevate your proficiency in firearm handling and self-defense.

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Sinistrum Classes

Our training programs are designed to deliver "Performance on Demand." We don't just teach; we inspire confidence, determination, motivation, discipline, excitement, and happiness. We transform novices into experts and experienced individuals into masters of their craft.

World class instruction

Discover firsthand the unmatched expertise of our instructors, widely acknowledged as industry leaders for their exceptional knowledge and unwavering professionalism. We invite you to experience the pinnacle of firearms training with instructors who are not only experts in their field but also passionate mentors dedicated to your growth and safety.

  • "I had the pleasure of working with Jay on a weekly basis as a beginner shooter. Jay took his time to go over the basics in a way that was not insulting to what knowledge I did have. He made sure to give hands on experience in a safe way and always explains why we were working on a specific task. He continually assesses your learned knowledge throughout the lesson and really focuses on your understanding of topics prior to moving on to ensure you are comfortable. He has been patient and understanding with me as a new shooter and works hard to share his skills with others."

    -Courtney N

  • "I signed up to have Jay work on gaining my sight picture better and to assess ways I could improve in general. I am cross eye dominant and in an hour he worked on some simple techniques to break my habit of turning my head to align my sights. He also provided some simple drills I was able to take home with me to build on what we had practiced. Enthusiastic, patient and professional throughout the whole hour. Highly recommend!"

    -Jay S.

  • "I have been shooting for several years and during a plateau, I took several private training lessons with Jay. He took the time to break down techniques with me so I could re-learn them properly from the ground up. I saw great improvement in my skills with each lesson and I am incredibly grateful to Sinistrum Training for providing quality instruction with tangible results."

    -Briana T.

Upcoming events and training opportunities

Explore our meticulously planned training schedule featured on our calendar to identify upcoming sessions that align with your interests or proximity. We invite you to peruse this comprehensive resource, designed to provide you with a convenient overview of our classes. Discover opportunities tailored to your preferences and geographical convenience, ensuring you embark on your firearms training journey at a time and location that suits your needs.

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