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Our Courses


Private Lessons

Description: Whether you're experienced or beginning your firearms journey Sinistrum Training offers private lessons to address any issues you may have. Lessons are built around student needs in a 1 on 1 atmosphere.

Duration: 1 Hour

Starting Pistol

Description: Designed for the new pistol owner, this class will cover the foundations of grip, sights and trigger control while engaging targets from various distances and sequences. If you're a new pistol owner, this class is for you.

Duration: 4 Hours


Foundations of Speed and Accuracy

Description: During this period of instruction we will cover the foundations to be able to shoot your pistol fast and accurately. Shooters should be able to manage and handle a pistol confidently without supervision. Concepts covered include target focused shooting, trigger finger isolation, predictive shooting and much more.

Duration: 4 Hours

Functional Carry

Description: Many ranges in Maryland do not allow drawing from any holster, regardless of IWB or OWB. As this is the case we have designed a class to give you the space and time to practice drawing from concealment with an Instructor. In this class we will cover how to properly draw from concealment,  and how to accurately engage targets from concealment.

Duration: 4 Hours