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Jay White

Sinistrum Training offers premier firearms instruction, backed by over a decade of experience and Jay's background:


As a former NRA Law Enforcement Instructor, VA DCJS Instructor, USCCA Instructor, and Marine Corps Reserve Military Police with experience in the Marksmanship Training Unit and Action Shooting Team, Jay brings a wealth of knowledge and discipline to every training session. His real-world experience ensures high-quality instruction tailored to each student's needs.


Additionally, Jay regularly competes in USPSA, 2 Gun, and 3 Gun shooting competitions, demonstrating a mastery of skills that sets the standard for excellence in the field. This competitive edge is directly integrated into the training curriculum, providing students with practical insights and techniques for success.


With a commitment to safety, responsibility, and skill development, Sinistrum Training provides top-notch firearms training, including courses for Maryland Wear and Carry permits. Jay's background and ongoing participation in competitive shooting make Sinistrum Training the ideal choice for individuals in Maryland seeking comprehensive and expert firearms instruction.