Maryland Wear and Carry

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Maryland Wear and Carry Permit

Sinistrum Training's Wear and Carry Firearms Training Class

Prepare yourself for responsible firearm ownership with Sinistrum Training's comprehensive Wear and Carry Firearms Training Class, fulfilling Maryland's 16-hour class time requirement. This course, meticulously designed by our expert instructors, equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and legal understanding necessary to apply for Maryland's concealed carry permit. Students MUST be 21 years or older.


Course Highlights:

  • FREE Private Lesson: After taking and completing your Maryland Wear and Carry Permit Class with Sinistrum Training we will schedule a private lesson with you free of charge to help further hone your marksmanship abilities.
  • Legal Foundations: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Maryland's firearms laws, regulations, and the legal responsibilities associated with carrying a concealed firearm, guided by Sinistrum Training's knowledgeable instructors.
  • Safety and Handling: Learn essential firearm safety protocols, proper handling techniques, and strategies for safely carrying a concealed firearm in various settings, with expert guidance from Sinistrum Training's certified instructors.
  • Live-Fire Training: Engage in practical live-fire exercises at Sinistrum Training's facility, developing proficiency in firearm handling and marksmanship skills crucial for self-defense, under the supervision of experienced instructors.
  • Scenarios and Decision Making: Explore real-life scenarios designed by Sinistrum Training to enhance situational awareness and decision-making skills in self-defense situations.
  • Application Assistance: Receive guidance and support from Sinistrum Training's instructors in navigating the concealed carry permit application process, ensuring you're well-prepared to fulfill the necessary requirements.


Equipment Requirement:

  • Open mind ready to learn,
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection,
  • A firearm (Semi-Auto or Revolver)
  • Minimum 2 magazines
  • 200 rounds of ammunition for your firearm of choice.

Holsters, mag pouches, speed loaders, and other gear may be brought at the student's discretion but are not required.

(Blackhawk SERPA holster NOT allowed)


Qualification Requirement:

Students in Sinistrum Training's Wear and Carry Firearms Training Class will need to qualify with at least 70% of 25 rounds on Maryland's Wear and Carry Qualification Course of Fire. This ensures that participants meet the state's standards for proficiency in handling a firearm for self-defense purposes.


Who Should Attend:

Sinistrum Training's Wear and Carry Firearms Training Class is ideal for individuals seeking to obtain a concealed carry permit in Maryland or those interested in enhancing their firearm handling skills for self-defense purposes. No prior firearms experience is required.


Our Commitment:

At Sinistrum Training, safety, professionalism, and individualized instruction are our priorities. Our certified instructors bring extensive expertise to guide you through this vital training, empowering you to responsibly exercise your right to carry a concealed firearm.

Join Sinistrum Training for a transformative learning experience, where expertise meets practical application, ensuring you're equipped to carry with confidence and meet Maryland's requirements for qualification.


Next Class:

June 15 -16 2024



Day 1 & 2 Frederick City, MD 8:30AM-4:30PM

*Exact location will be sent via e-mail once client registers for class.


Cost w/ Private Lesson:

$350 Per Student


Upcoming Dates:

July 20-21

August 17-18

September 21-22